Quick Update: 1/10/15

I haven’t forgotten to finish reading Console Wars, I promise. School just started and I’m taking three 300 level psych classes and one 400 level communication class. Seven textbooks for the four classes. Lots of reading is happening, just not the book I actually want to be reading. In fact, it’s overdue from the library!

I have been taking notes of thoughts and ideas as I’ve been reading Console Wars, so I don’t forget what I want to talk about in the review. One thing I noticed off the bat , and wanted to make mention, was that there are no in-text citations. This threw me for a moment until I reminded myself that it is a narrative non-fiction. Being an INTJ, couldn’t help but take a peek and see if there was an index of source information at the back of the book…

The book, while having been a long read so far, has been very informational. And I’m only 43 percent of the way through! I will brag that I can normally read fast but am finding that not to be so true with Console Wars. Even though it is narrative, it can still have a textbook feel to it from time to time. Not a bad thing, as it is non-fiction!

As I do read, I really wonder how much of the dialog are actual quotes and how much Mr. Harris gave flourish. I really can’t wait to be able to finish the story… Even though I know who wins the Console Wars ;P

Half-way through and I am enjoying it.



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