Reading Failing… Need to Regroup

I am failing at reading… at least stuff that aren’t my textbooks at the moment.  I have seven textbooks for four classes and probably between 30-50 “articles” to read on top of all of that.  Soooo… I have to return Console Wars to the library.  They only let you renew it so many times, and since it’s a brand new book, I can’t renew it again.  I’ll have to purchase a copy of it in order to be able to finish reading it and write the review!  So glad I took notes of the reading I did do!!

I was thinking of starting a new book I picked up, in honor of the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland: Alice in Zombieland… It’s a YA book, so I imagine that it shouldn’t take me as long to read and not being the size of my head, it’ll be easier to carry and read on the bus…

What do you think?


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  1. Options… 1) Write a review of half of Console Wars. 2) Get Alice in Zombie Land carry it in your back pocket everywhere you go, finish it and write a review. 3) Write a review on one of your textbooks.

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