Console Wars

by Blake J. Harris
Non-fiction; History

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/352/80517165/files/2014/12/img_7201.jpg“Following the success of The Accidental Billionaires and Moneyball comes Console Wars–a mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary and a team of rebels, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the video game industry.

“In 1990, Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on the video game industry. Sega, on the other hand, was just a faltering arcade company with big aspirations and even bigger personalities. But that would all change with the arrival of Tom Kalinske, a man who knew nothing about videogames and everything about fighting uphill battles. His unconventional tactics, combined with the blood, sweat and bold ideas of his renegade employees, transformed Sega and eventually led to a ruthless David-and-Goliath showdown with rival Nintendo.

“The battle was vicious, relentless, and highly profitable, eventually sparking a global corporate war that would be fought on several fronts: from living rooms and schoolyards to boardrooms and Congress. It was a once-in-a-lifetime, no-holds-barred conflict that pitted brother against brother, kid against adult, Sonic against Mario, and the US against Japan.

“Based on over two hundred interviews with former Sega and Nintendo employees, Console Wars is the underdog tale of how Kalinske miraculously turned an industry punchline into a market leader. It’s the story of how a humble family man, with an extraordinary imagination and a gift for turning problems into competitive advantages, inspired a team of underdogs to slay a giant and, as a result, birth a $60 billion dollar industry.” — Goodreads

I follow the Fluxtaposed podcast and they recommended I read this book.  (They had previously told me to read Ready Player One, and I did and it was amazing, so I trust their judgement when it comes to books I will like…) So I went directly to my local library and put a request in for it.  I’d be told that I should have it in my hands by October.  Instead it happened yesterday, December 16th.  Via Twitter, the author has even requested that I let him know what I think of it…. Woohoo!  I’m so excited to finally be able to read this.

4/24/2015: Just a quick update, I have purchased this book and will begin reading it again soon! I don’t know when exactly, but before the end of summer for sure.